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With environmental issues on a high rise, we decided to show you How To Create A Stylish Jute Bag at home. The bag is not only stylish but also environment friendly as only jute strings are used and no animal is harmed as in the case of leather bags. So let’s learn how to create the bag without any more delay.

Materials Required:
Jute String
Yellow Coloured Satin Ribbon
Thread and a Needle
Interlock Buttons

Step 1
Cut three equally long jute strings. Tie them together with a knot. Clip them on a board with a paper clip and braid them together. Again tie a knot at the end of the braid to prevent unlocking.

Step 2
Fold the braid from one side and start stitching with the thread and needle as shown in Pic 2.

Pic 2

Fold the other end as well and stitch.

Step 3
Make one more braid and stitch it with the earlier braid. Keep making braids and stitching them together, until the horizontal side of the bag takes a considerable size.

Pic 3

Make the other side of the bag in the similar manner.

Step 4
To make the vertical side of the bag make another braid and fold a very small part of it and stitch. Keep folding it in small parts and keep stitching until it reaches the length of the horizontal side.
Make the other vertical side following the same process.

Step 5
Stitch the sides together as shown in Pic 4.

Pic 4

Reverse the jute bag.

Step 6
At the centre of the mouth of the bag attach the interlock buttons on both the lips.

Step 7
Make two medium sized jute string braids. Attach these braids in between the corners and the interlock buttons, on both the sides.

Step 8
Cut petals from the satin ribbon as shown in Pic 5.

Pic 5

Move the edges of the petals over the flame of the candle so that the edges become get locked.

Step 9
Take five petals to make one flower.
Arrange them as shown in Pic 6 and stitch them through the centre.

Pic 6

You may also stitch a few pearls at the centre to make the flower look more attractive.
Make twelve flowers following the same process.

Pic 7

Step 10
Attach these flowers to the bag as shown in Pic 7.

Lo! Your stylish jute bag is ready to use.
Use it on a daily basis as it is very durable or for parties cause it is stylish at the same time.

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