Make Trendy And Beautiful DIY Bracelets At Home

This Is A Very Easy And Simple DIY Friendship Bracelet. It Can Be Made With Materials That Are Already Can Be Found At Home Easily Things Require Cardboard Compass Scale Pencil Scissors Anchor Threads or wool. Steps to be followed Take cardboard of 8×11 cm.  Mark Point at 3 cm on both sides (you can […]

Such An Easy and Cute DIY Coin Purse

Making a craft that would become your kid’s favourite thing to use, how would you feel? Awesome right! Or what if you will have a new purse where coins would be safer than ever? Again awesome, right!  So, come! Let’s follow the simple steps to make your kid smile and your coins safer. Come let’s […]

Create Attractive Gift Pouch At Home

Gifts are integral part of parties, weddings and festivities and are profusely given as a symbol of love and affection. But the issue arises while selecting a unique and personalized gifts and ideas and furthermore a unique packing style for the gift. Well we can’t help you with choosing an appropriate gift but we can […]

Create A Jute Basket At Home

Small Jute baskets are everyone’s favourite. They not only look beautiful but also are a good hack to store small, little articles like toffees or candies for children. These small baskets can also be used as gift items for our friends and relatives.

Elegant Ribbon Rakhi

We shared the tutorial of HOW TO CREATE FANCY RAKHI at home in our previous article but there is much more in our treasure for you. In this tutorial we are going to learn to create an ELEGANT RAKHI WITH A RIBBON using just a ribbon and a cardboard in very easy steps. So read ahead […]

How To Create Fancy Rakhi at Home

We all know about the festival of Rakshabandhan, celebrated to mark the special, fun and love-filled bond of a brother and a sister. This article surely does not elaborate upon the importance of the festival but it is created to teach you how you can make it even more special for your brother.

How To Create A Friendship Bracelet

After the How To Make a Friendship Band I have brought you a Tutorial on How To Create a Funky Friendship Bracelet to gift your friends this Friendship Day. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Create Trendy Friendship Band At Home

Want to make this Friendship day special for your friends!! Let me show you how. All the relations come with us either by birth or are written in our destiny but the relation of friendship is chosen by us. It won’t be exaggeration to call friends “An Extended Family”.