Stylish And Elegant DIY Friendship Bands At Home

So Let’s Get Started With How You Can Make Stylish Friendship Bands At Home Things Required Cardboard Compass Scale Pencil Scissors Steps; Take cardboard, make a circle of 5 cm radius. Now mark 8 lines from the pointers inclining the radius with the help of scale. It will look like a disc. Cut the circle […]

Create Stylish Stole At Home In Four Simple Steps

Winters don’t leave much room to show our beautiful attire and expensive dresses as we have to cover ourselves against the chilling winds.  But winters also give us a chance to flaunt our funky winter jackets and cardigans.

Create Stylish Shaded Denim Handbag At Home

In a previous article we taught you How To Create a Tote out of your old jeans, today we will teach you How to Create a Stylish Shaded Denim Handbag, that too using your old denim. Materials Required Old Denim Jeans in two different shades Scissors Thread and Needle Forceps Ribbon Follow these Steps to […]

How To Create Ethnic Gota Handbag At Home

With the Navratri festival just round the corner, the preparation for garba and dandiya nights is on full swing. Every lady wants to look really different in the garba night to be the centre of attraction. So, today’s article is specially written to teach you How To Create An Ethnic Gota HandBag at home, that […]

How To Create A Stylish Jute Bag At Home

With environmental issues on a high rise, we decided to show you How To Create A Stylish Jute Bag at home. The bag is not only stylish but also environment friendly as only jute strings are used and no animal is harmed as in the case of leather bags.

Create A Stylish Party Bag At Home

Bags are almost every girls weakness. We always want to team our bags with some stylish, up-market handbag or clutch. In this article we will learn How to Create a Stylish Party Bag at home with faux leather. Can you say it’s home made!

How To Create Denim Sling At Home

Slings are a hot favourite these days. They are high in demand to be carried to parties as they not only have a unique style quotient but also are handy to carry some essentials for every women.

Create An Elegant Jute Bag

Jute bags are an elegant pick. Earlier jute bags were seen just in the form of gunny sacks that were used to store grains and pulses. But innovation, gave jute bags a makeover and made them everyone’s favourite. Jute bags are not just elegant to use, but they are known for their durability. They can […]

Create a Classic Denim Tote Bag At Home

Tote bags are everybody’s hot favorites as they easily accommodate all sorts of articles. They are known for their spacious accommodation and stylish appearance. Today in this article, we will learn to CREATE A CLASSIC DENIM TOTE.

Create Funky Head Gear At Home

Head gears are every girl’s favorite. No matter you have longer tresses of short, a trendy head gear changes the entire appearance of your mane alongside complementing your face and attire.