DIY Hair Accessory l Cute Hair Band Idea with Seashells

Things required Black felt Fabric glue/Glue gun Seashells Scissor Thread and needle Silver beats Plan black hairband Steps to be followed; Take black felt of 12×2 inches in size.  Spread shells all over the felt in a zig-zag format (make sure to leave a bit of space in both the corners) Place the big shell […]

Dry Your Hair In The Best Manner With Headwrap That Is

What if I tell you that the headwraps you spent pennies on to buy can easily make them by yourself! Without spending any extra pennies! Just DIY with waste materials. Sounds interesting, right! So, let’s jump into how you can make DIY headwraps in a simple, easy and, creative way; Things required- Tights Thread and […]