We all love to decorate our homes and flowers are the best option to do so. They are beautiful and handy picks which are not even a burden on the pocket.

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In this article we will learn How to Create Beautiful Satin Flowers At Home. Read further to know more…

Materials Required:
Orange Satin Cloth
Pencil, Scale and Compass
Orange Thread and Needle

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Follow the following STEPS to make the Satin Flowers

Step 1
Draw a circle of radius 4.5cms using scale and compass on the paper. Cut the circle with the help of scissors.

Step 2
Use this circle to cut equal sized circles from the orange satin cloth.
Fold the cloth multiple times and cut the circles. Like this you can cut a lot of circles in a single attempt. See Pic 3.

Pic 3

Step 3
Light the candle.
Hold each satin circle and move it’s edges over the flame of the candle.
This would fold and twist the edges and lock them too. See Pic 4.

Pic 4

Step 4
Take five petals to make one flower.
Arrange the five petals in a way that it takes the shape of a flower as shown in Pic.
Then sew the flower at the centre with the help of a thread and needle.
Make two more such set of flowers.
Remember that the lower most set of petals has to be arranged in a way that the petals are loosely packed and for the second and the third set the petals need to be more closely packed. See Pic 5.

Pic 5

Step 5
Arrange all the three sets one above the other and sew through the centre.

Step 6
Sew white pearls in the centre to make the flowers look more attractive and beautiful.

Pic 6

You can make as many flowers as you want following the same process.

Pic 7

Attach the flowers on gift hampers or place them in a flower vase or decorate photo frames with them.
These flowers can be attached to your dresses also.

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