We all know about the festival of Rakshabandhan, celebrated to mark the special, fun and love-filled bond of a brother and a sister. This article surely does not elaborate upon the importance of the festival but it is created to teach you how you can make it even more special for your brother. This time we wish to make it memorable for you and your brother so we have come with a tutorial on HOW TO CREATE FANCY RAKHI at home. Through this article learn and create your own rakhi and shower your love on your brother.

Pic 1

Materials Required:

Coloured Sheet (White/Yellow and Red), Sketch Pens, Some Natural Flowers or their petals, Crystallo Resin and Hardener (for clear coating), Fabric Glue, Compass, Pencil, Scissors, Colourful Strings, Fevicol, White Ribbon, Fevicryl Neon Liners (two-three colours) and a Mold (an empty chocolate case or paper cups).


• On the coloured sheet make small circles using compass and a pencil.

• Cut out the circles with the help of scissors.

• Using sketch pens draw objects like goggles or mustaches or write messages for your brother. (Pic 2)

Pic 2

• Cut out tiny and medium sized hearts from the red sheet. (Pic 3)

Pic 3

• Mix Crystallo Resin and Hardener together in a bowl in the ratio of 4:1.

•  Pour a small quantity of the solution that you created in each mold.

• Put only one circle, heart or flower in each mold. You can also put some sparkle colours over the objects to make them look glossy and more attractive.

• Then pour some more quantity of the solution over the objects in the mold. That means the objects will be fully coated on both the sides by the solution. Leave for 24 hours undisturbed.

• After 24 hours you will find that the solution would have solidified completely and when taken out from the mold the objects would seem to be embedded in the solution. (Pic 4)

Pic 4

• Using Fevicryl Neon Liners decorate the circles to add more beauty to your rakhi. (Pic 5)

Pic 5


• Using a Fabric Glue, attach a colourful string at the back of each rakhi. Also close the loose ends of the strings on both the sides with the glue to ensure that the string doesn’t unloosen at the ends.

• Lastly, paste two small strips of white ribbon on the pasted part of the string using fevicol. This would ensure more security to your string and would help keeping it in place.

Stun your brother this Rakshabandhan with these SUPER COOL Rakhis and celebrate the festival in style!!

*Note: Crystallo Resin, Hardener, Strings and Fevicryl Neon Liners are easily available on any craft store.

Watch the complete Video here and please visit our Channel at https://youtu.be/n_IplZWDzIU


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