Jute bags are an elegant pick. Earlier jute bags were seen just in the form of gunny sacks that were used to store grains and pulses. But innovation, gave jute bags a makeover and made them everyone’s favourite. Jute bags are not just elegant to use, but they are known for their durability. They can get wet and remain undamaged. They never have any managing issues as we face in the case of leather bags.

Pic 1

So, we decided to CREATE AN ELEGANT JUTE BAG and share it with you. This jute bag looks very sophisticated and elegant but it is very simple to make. Read further and you would know yourself.
For creating the bag we require just

A Jute String roll, Scissors, Clip, Board, Thread and a needle.

How to Create:

• Cut three long strings of the jute. Hold them with a clip on a board and braid them together. Make sure the braid is long enough. Tie a knot in the end to prevent unlocking of the braid. Cut the extra string.
• Make a spiral of this jute braid and sew it together to keep it intact. It would look like a wreath. (See Pic 2)

Pic 2

• Take the jute string and fold its end to make a loop. Then, sew the loop at the bottom. It would look like a petal of a flower.
• Again hold the loose end of the string and make a loop and sew at the end.
• Repeat the process five more times to create the complete flower. (See Pic 3)

Pic 3

• Now attach the flower inside the jute wreath that we created, by sewing both of them together. (See Pic 4)

Pic 4

• Make 14 such wreaths with flowers, seven for each side of the bag.
• Arrange seven wreaths in the shown pattern (See Pic5).

Pic 5

Sew the wreaths together to make one side of the bag.
• Likewise, make the other side of the bag with the remaining seven wreaths.
• Make four more braids with the jute strings and attach two to each-other, by sewing them together. (See Pic 6)

Pic 6

• Cover the entire sides of both the pattern of seven wreaths that we created. Then, sew both the sides together of the bag to each other, leaving the mouth open. (See Pic 7)

Pic 7

• Make four more jute braids and make two pairs by sewing two braids together as done earlier.
• Now sew these braids on both the sides of your bag. Make sure you stitch the braids in the inner side of the bag and then reverse it. (See Pic 8)

Pic 8

Go then stun your family and friends with your extremely ELEGANT JUTE BAG and keep Living Creative!!

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