With the festive and the wedding season approaching speculations and preparations are on the spree to decide upon what dress and jewellery to wear when.
Gota Jewellery is great craze these days. It sells like hot cakes during the festival of Navratri, especially the 5 carat diamond stud earrings. It not only looks elegant but is also very light in weight and easy to carry.
In this tutorial we will learn to CREATE A GOTA JEWELLERY at home. The Gota Chokar Set can be teamed with your traditional sarees and dresses. So let’s get started..

Gota Choker SET
Pic 1

Materials required:
• Scissors, Pencil, Compass,
• Earring and Cloth hooks,
• Two types of gota lace (smaller plain lace and larger triangular lace),
• Black coloured Velvet lace,
• Gloden Ghungroo,
• Small and large mirrors
• Zari Thread
• Yellow Arkandy Cloth,
• Small, white pearls
• Black and yellow thread and a needle
• Fabric glue

Pic 1

For Gota Jhumkas:
Stage 1:
Make six circles of radius 1cm with a compass and pencil on the velvet lace.

Take one circle and make a loop of the smaller gota and sew it on the velvet circle. Again make a loop and sew it over the first loop in a way that both the loops make a cross (X).

Taking a third loop sew it over the gota cross, dissecting it from the middle.

Take a small mirror and paste is in the centre of the circle with fabric glue. Then with a needle sew the Zari thread in a way that it forms a star pattern around the mirror. (Pic 3)

Pic 3

Attach an earring hook with black thread at the back of the circle.

Repeat the above process on the second velvet circle.

Stage 2:
On the third and the fourth velvet circle sew the loops of the smaller gota on the edges in a way that they look like petals of a flower, with black velvet as a centre. (Pic 4)

Pic 4

Paste the third and the fourth circle at the back of the first and the second circle respectively. Shown in Pic 5

Pic 5

Stage 3:
Cut four circles of radius 1.5 cms on Arkandy paper.

Sew the larger gota lace on the edges of the circle. It would look like a flower. Make four such flowers.

Take one of the circles and on the pointed tips of the gota, attach a white pearl followed by a ghungroo, using yellow thread and needle. Attach pearls and ghungroo on all the remaining tips of the gota.

Keeping the above arkandy flower at the lowest sew all the four flowers one over the other.

Attach a pearl in the bottom of this pattern to hide the stiches and add beauty to the earring.

Pic 6

Along with a pearl in the centre attach the velvet flowers and the arkandy flowers to each – other with a black thread and a needle. Pic 6.
Same ways make the second earring.

For Chokar:
Take a piece of the velvet lace according to the size of your neck. Make sure that the lace should not be too wide.

Make five gota flowers as we made on the first velvet circle and paste them with fabric glue in the centre of the lace.

Paste bigger mirrors on each flower and make a star shape with zari thread around each mirror.

Attach the larger gota to both the sides on the neck band.
On the edges of the gota attach pearl and ghunghroo as shown in the Pic. 7

Pic 7

In the end attach two cloth hooks on one end of the lace and make two hook eyes on the other end.
Your Chokar is ready!

For Maang Teeka
Make another flower following Stage 1 and Stage 2 and attach pearl and ghungroo on the edges of the gota as shown in Pic 8

Pic 8

Then attach a 5-6 cms long strand of smaller gota to the teeka.

Your Gota Chokar Set is ready to wear. Try this super simple and creative method to create a jewellery piece for yourself.
The set can be worn with your traditional dresses on festivals or in a marriage function or can be given as a Gift to your relatives or friends.
This set would make you look very different.
*Note: Keep the set in a box or in a polythene zip lock bag to prevent against any damage.
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