Your tiny tots every day require to carry small little things to school or to picnic or even when they go to a birthday party they require at least a handkerchief. But kids usually miss out their things here and there because they being too small can’t remember everything in their tiny, little, cute head.

To help your kids and you with this problem we have brought this interesting article for you, where you will learn how to create A TINY DENIM BAG FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE; OUT OF OLD DENIM.

Pic 1

Yes! You read it right. This article will hit two birds with one stone. Not only you can gift your child a TINY BAG but also USE your OLD DENIM. So here we go…

• Old denim
• Thread and needle
• Scissors
• Yellow coloured cloth
• Fabric glue
• Pencil
• Cardboard Flower cutout


Pic 2
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Give your little one this special gift in the form of a Tiny Denim Bag!!

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