Troubled by heaps of old and unused T-shirts?? Not anymore!!!

T-shirts and fashionable vests are over-shopped articles. Whenever we visit a mall or a fashion store we easily pick-up a t-shirt or two.  The most common defense that is presented for this financially outrageous act of ours is, “I went so I thought it is not good to return empty-handed”. Very soon we switch on to new t-shirts and abandon the old ones. But these old t-shirts and vests sometimes become a headache for the homemakers as they keep lying here and there in the cupboards. Many of them are turned into mops or dusters for the house.

So today in this article we bring you a very creative solution to this problem.

Pic 1

In this Article, we will teach you HOW TO MAKE A RAG RUG for your home by utilizing Old T-Shirts in just FIVE easy steps.

Materials required:

Old t-shirts (various colours preferably), Scissors, Cardboard Sheet, Thread and Needle.


Step 1

Cut all the edges, hems and stitches of the t-shirts that you no longer use.  Evenly fold the cloth of the t-shirt four times. Using scissors cut small shreds from the cloth.

Once the folds of the shred are opened, we get a long rope. (See Pic 2)

Pic 2

Step 2

Take a small cardboard sheet and make a hole in the centre. Wrap two same coloured shreds around the cardboard.

Pass a third shred through the hole in the cardboard and tie the wrapped shreds nicely. (See Pic 3)

Pic 3

Then cut the top and bottom edges of the tied shreds. It would take the shape of a pom-pom

Make similar pom-poms using all the shreds. Make at least 16 pom-poms of each colour.

Step 3

Pic 4

Attach the pom-poms to one-another using a thread and a needle. Thus forming a big line of the pom-poms. Try to make the attachment in a way that different coloured pom-poms come one after the other. (See Pic 4)

Step 4

Pic 5

Arrange the pom-pom line in a spiral. Sew the pom-pom spiral from one side to ensure locking of the spiral. (See Pic 5)

Step 5

Pic 6

In the end, using with the help of a thread and a needle attach a separate, remaining part of a t-shirt on the sewed side of our spiral arrangement to give it a better support. (See Pic 6)

This Rag Rug can be placed at main doors or outside bathrooms of our homes. This is a unique idea to hit two birds with one stone. Not only the old and tattered t-shirts are utilized but also a rag rug is obtained absolutely for free, to be used in our homes.

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