The imposition of lockdown has affected the lives of every segment of society. None is allowed to go out to stroll and enjoy themselves. Therefore, life has come at a stage of standstill. The children who were just about to begin their lives are forced to stay indoors. Therefore, with so many restrictions on movement, it has become impossible for the Kids to enjoy their lives. They are missing their childhood to a great extent. However, in the light of health emergencies, everybody is helpless. However, where there is a will, there’s away.

Undoubtedly, you cannot go outside your hometown to clean in the open Gardens to meet your friends, but there is still away with the help of which kids can enjoy childhood even by sitting at home. If we want to understand these ways, then this article would be of utmost help. This article will attempt to bring forth interesting hacks of paper crafts for the kids to try during this pandemic this year. This will not only entertain them but will also enable them to learn about different things. This is rather the most entertaining activity to try this year. The list of the famous hacks of papercraft for kids has been provided as under.

Make amazing Finger puppets

If you have thin sheets of paper, then you can make an amazing craft from this. One of the perfect examples is the making of finger puppets. These finger puppets can be made with the help of colorful sheets. It does not require a large amount of cutting and can be made by folding the paper in a particular way. Once the Puppet shape is ready, kids can be allowed to decorate the Puppet’s face in the manner they want to. This will enhance creativity to a great extent.

1. Paper Pig Bag

With the help of simple newspapers, You can make this beautiful paper bag. The kids only need to have a piece of newspaper along with some glue. In addition, the kid’s skin also has a pair of scissors with them which should only be used under the supervision of adults. The entire face of the pig can be cut in a round shape. Once the shape of the pig is ready, you can easily stick another same-sized circle at the backside by leaving that open from one end. Finally, you can get more circles to create the eyes and nose of the pig. Once the same is ready, you can ask your kids to colour them with their favourite colours. 

2. Paper rainbow

Creating a paper rainbow will be a fascinating poet for kids to learn. All you need is different colors of sheets. Out of these coloring sheets, thin strips have to be cut. These thin strips have to be arranged in a simple circular form. Once you have fixed these colorful strips in a semicircular form, you can apply small cotton balls at the edges to affect a cloud. The strips of different colours should be placed at an equal distance from each other to give a look of a beautiful rainbow. Once this papercraft is ready, children will love this.

3. Flower Bouquets

If you have some waste paper, then you can easily crumble that people to form balls. These balls can then be painted in different colours. You can also attach Green Leaves with these beautiful balls. Once this is done, you can insert a stick at one end of the ball. After repeating the steps with every different color of the ball, you can collect all of them and tie them with a bow to affect the bouquet. You can also wrap this bouquet in beautiful and colourful papers, easily available from the Marketplace. This is a fun activity for the children, and they love this to a great extent.


One of the easiest methods to utilize your time in making papercraft is to make a bookmark. It is one of the easiest forms of papercraft that any child can easily do. It is essential to provide that it is all that it requires is to cut a piece of paper in a rectangular shape. This sheet can now be decorated in the manner you wanted to be. You can add different colours and even fix different types of objects for a beautiful look. It is interesting to mention that only with this amount of effort, your bookmark is ready. Kids can easily perform these activities all on their own. 

5. Bracelets

Usually, small girls have a great liking for making beautiful jewellery out of craftwork. This bracelet can be created with the help of foil paper. These foil papers are very helpful to make beautiful jewellery options for girls. You can fold them in a circular form. You can also take the measurements of your child’s hand. Once you are done with this process and a bangle-type structure is ready in front of you, now it’s time for you to decorate this jewellery. You can attach small stones and studs to this bracelet. You can also add glitters to give the effect of gold. Finally, you can engage your children to think of different styling designs and patterns. 


Therefore, if you are looking to spend some fruitful time with your children without wasting any single moment of their childhood, you should ensure that these paper crafts hacks for kids should be followed regularly by the parents. This will enhance the creativity of the kids and allow them to develop many different other fantasies so that they are in the position to make the best of their childhood.