So, let’s get started.

Things required;

Steps to be followed;
  1. Take the thread of any color that you want. Then, roll the thread 15 times using cardboard.
  2. Now, join the ends of 15 threads using fabric glue.
  3. Then, take a bangle and wrap the threads until it is fully covered.
  4. Follow the same process for multiple bangles using different color threads.
  5. Now, add the group of 10 golden bells on three sides of the bangles using needle and thread.
  6. Can stick those with the help of fabric glue afterward from the ends.
  7. Repeat the same process for multiple ( as many other bangles you want this particular design ) as well. 

After that, for the next design,
  1. Take the thick bangle or can take a broad friendship brand as well.
  2. Cover it well with threads.
  3. Now, take the needle and thread and put 1 pom-porn and 3 golden bells in a sequence and alternate way. And make a garland following that.
  4. And stick that around the bangle with a single thread, covering it up around the bangle.

For making a Kada;
  1. You can use glass bangles, take 3 bangles together and stick those with the help of fabric glue.
  2. Now, cover it well with the thread.
  3. For the design, you can use kundans and attach those around the bangles using fabric glue.
  4. Follow the process for as many Kada bangles as you want with this design.

For the next design
  1. You can take multiple materials, like pom-porn, set of kundans altogether, bells and beads, gota flower to make it look like Tassel with the help of a thread and needle. 
  2. Add it to the bangle.

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And, make a pair in such a way that will go well with your outfit

That’s a wrap!

How simple and easy, right? So, what’s making you wait for? Go and make these beautiful handmade bangles all by yourself and flaunt them in your desi look!