So Let’s get started without any further ado

Things required

Steps to be followed
  1. Take square sized cardboard of the size you want your necklace to be, cover it with a cotton cloth ( of any bright colour you want ).
  2. Then, make beautiful art or a half-faced painting of a lady with a traditional touch, or a face painting of DURGA MAA
  3. Then place that cardboard in a different coloured cotton cloth and draw a square on that cloth with the pencil ( outline basically).
  4. Now on the outline towards the outside, stitch the golden bells using the thread and needle covering the square line.
  5. Cover the stitched cloth on the cardboard. 
  6. Now, place the previously painted canvas, to this new canvas. 
  7. And, now on all 4 ends of the square place the pompom using fabric glue.
  8. Now, on the two upline ends, with the tread, make a tassel. 
  9. Take threads and divide them into 3 rows, and place coloured beads and golden bells and make a braid out of it. 
  10. Repeat the same process for another braid.

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Now, your necklace is ready

For earrings

  1. Repeat the same process i.e the carboard and cotton cloth.
  2. Then for the design use golden beads.
  3. Make sure to use the size as per earrings.
  4. Make a tassel using pompom and coloured beads.
  5. Put the earring hooks.

Your earrings are ready

How cool and simple right? So, enjoy makings this DIY Jewellery at your home. You can even try different designs as per your outfits. Or, you can also get etrnl rings from here!