We shared with you a few days back an article on KarwaChauth special gota jewellery, in the sequence we have brought you one more article, KarwaChauth Special Gota Jewellery Part – II.

Pic 1

So let’s get started.

Materials Required:
• Scale, Pencil, Scissors
• Yellow Thread, Zari Thread and Needle

• Gota Lace and Gota Flower
• Mirrors, Red Kundan and Pink Pearls
• White Pearls and small golden pearls
• Earring Hooks and Plain Hooks
• Yellow Arkandy Cloth
• Yellow Wool and a Fork

Step One

Make a circle using a compass, with a radius 2.5 cms.

Make a small cut on the circle till the radius and fold the circle in a way to make a cone. Stitch the cut with thread and needle. This would keep the cone in shape.

Step Two

Now start sewing the gota lace on the edges of the cone and finally sewing it all over the cone.

Stitch the last edge of the gota nicely on the cone to prevent it from unfolding.

Step Three

Sew white and small golden pearls on the pointed edges of the gota cones that we have created.

Step Four

Cut a circle of radius 2 cms on the arkandy cloth and stitch gota on its edges. Just the edges are to be covered by the gota, the centre is to be left empty.

Step Five

In the centre of this circle, attach a mirror using zari thread. Make a star like pattern around the mirror with the thread.

Step Six

Make two pom-poms using wool and a fork.

Wrap the wool over the fork some 50 times and then pass another woollen thread through the middle of the wrap and tie a double knot on both the sides.

Take the wrap out and cut its sides using scissors.

You would require the following set of gota cones and gota flowers –


Pic 4


Step Seven

Attach one gota cone, followed by a Pom-Pom and a gota cone to one another using thread and needle.

This would make for your gota jhumka.

Paste a plain gota flower at the back of the upper part of your jhumka.

Step Eight

Attach a earring hook on the upper edge of the gota flower and start sewing white and golden pearls in order to make a long string.

Two long pearl strings are to be made for each earring. At the end of each pearl string we would attach the gota cones that we created in Step One and Two.

For Maang Teeka

Take a mirror flower and start sewing white followed by golden pearls on one of its pointed edge in order to make a string.

Likewise make three strings. Then attach another gota flower at the other end of the strings together.

Also attach a plain hook at the back of the gota flower.

Make one more pearl string and attach a hook at the end of this string.

Your Teeka is ready!

Wear this elegant gota set on this KarwaChauth and get all the valuable attention from everyone around.

Watch the entire video here:


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