Karwachauth is a really really special occasion for every married couple, whether old or young. It marks the strong bond of matrimony plated with love between a man and his wife.

Every year there is a lot of excitement for Karwachauth, especially amongst young couples. Ladies wear beautiful dresses with ornaments to look as attractive and beautiful as possible.

Pic 1

So this article is special written and posted keeping in mind the special feelings for this special occasion. Today we will learn How to Create Special Gota Jewellery for karwachauth.

So let’s get started!

Materials Required:
Thick Zari Thread
White Pearls (Small and Medium Sized)
One Golden Bead
Red Kundan
Fabric Glue
Compass and Pencil
Quilling Stick
Punching Machine
Earring Hooks
Golden Thread and a Needle

Make two cardboard circles, six octagons and two semicircles, using compass as shown in Pic 2.


Pic 2

For Gota Earrings

Step One
Take the two circles and punch holes in the centre using punching machine.
Pass one end of the gota through the hole.
Apply fabric glue on the circle and paste the end of the gota on the circle.
Keep passing the gota through the hole and pasting it simultaneously on the circle. Cover the circle entirely.


Pic 3

Step Two
Stitch a red pearl followed by three white pearls on the edges of the circle.
Again place a red pearl followed by three white pearls.

Pic 4

Cover the entire edge like this.

The remaining structures are also to be decorated like this.


Pic 5

Step Three
As we covered the edges of the circle with white and red pearls, similarly decorate the semicircle also with white and red pearls.
Also attach big white pearls on the lower side of the semicircle as shown in Pic.

Pic 6

Step Four
Attach earring hook to the circle using thread and needle.

Step Five
Sew three small white pearls onto each pointed side of the semicircle.
Attach the other end of the pearls to the gota circle that we created. See Pic.

Pic 7

Step Six
Paste a Kundan in the centre of the circle using fabric glue.

Make the other earring following the same process.

For Necklace

1. Take the cardboard octagons and cover then with gota as described in Step One.
Then decorate them as described in Step Two.

2. Attach three big, white pearls to each octagon.

3. Sew all the octagons together by passing needle through the pearls sewen on their edges. See Pic.

Pic 8

4. Then make a loop using pearls on both the sides of the necklace as shown in Pic.

Pic 9

5. Attach a zari thread to both the loops and use a big golden bead to join the ends of the zari thread.

Pic 10

Your gota necklace and earring set is ready. Wear it with your saree or suit and stun your husband this karwachauth.

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