After the How To Make a Friendship Band I have brought you a Tutorial on How To Create a Funky Friendship Bracelet to gift your friends this Friendship Day.
So let’s get started without wasting any more time.


Cardboard, Scale, Scissors, Paper-cutter, Pencil and Anchor thread (Two Different Colours)


• Cut the cardboard in a rectangle of measurements 8×11 cms.

• Using a scale and a pencil mark a point at 3cms from the corner on both the smaller sides of the rectangle. Mark three more points, each at 8mms distance on the same sides.

• On the longer arms mark a point at 5.5cms distance from the edges, that is right in the centre of the arm.

• So in the end you have total ten points on the rectangle. Eight on the smaller sides (four on each) and two on the longer sides.

• Draw small lines with a scale and a pencil on the marked points.

Pic 1

• Make a small rectangle in the centre of the cardboard. (Pic 1)

• With scissors make cuts at the lines and cut out the smaller rectangle in the centre with a paper cutter.

• Cut eight strings of Anchor thread, each 60cms long. Use two different colours. Here I have used pink and white.


• Take the strings and tie them together with a knot on one end.

• Pass the knot through the rectangular hole in the cardboard sheet.

• Hold the rectangle in a way that the smaller sides are facing north and south respectively.

• Place all the pink stings in all the four cuts on the upper side and all the white strings in the cuts on the lower side. (Pic 2)

Pic 2

• Take the top right pink string and place in the cut on the left hand side of the rectangle. (Pic 3)

Pic 3

• Then take the bottom left white string and place it in the empty cut.

Alternatively keep taking the strings and keep placing them in the empty spaces until all the pink strings are placed in the lower side and all the white strings on the upper side. (Pic 4)

Pic 4

• Now repeat the entire process by placing the top right white string in the cut on the left hand side and then following the remaining steps.

Pic 5

• Keep repeating the process and you will notice that your friendship bracelet is formed on the other side of the rectangle. (Pic 5)

• When the bracelet reaches a considerable length, take the top left string and the bottom right string and tie a knot.

• Remove the bracelet from the rectangular hole and tie all the loose strings in a knot. Cut the extra strings if required.

Your Funky Friendship Bracelet is ready…create and gift these bracelets to your friends and celebrate this Friendship Day in style!!!

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