What if I tell you that the headwraps you spent pennies on to buy can easily make them by yourself! Without spending any extra pennies! Just DIY with waste materials. Sounds interesting, right!

So, let’s jump into how you can make DIY headwraps in a simple, easy and, creative way;


Things required-

  1. Tights
  2. Thread and Needle
  3. Safety Pins
  4. Scissors

You can create two headwraps using one tight


That’s all, and your Headwrap is ready in just a few minutes.

Also, if you, want you can use pearls or any other decor stuff in your headwraps,

Further Steps for attaching pearls;

Also Check https://youtu.be/FrrN-arL7nM

And that’s it, and you are done

Enjoy making these cute DIY headwraps in a fun and creative way, with your mom, or you are a mom yourself than with your daughter, with your sister, with anyone, or it is that simple and easy, that you can enjoy it by doing yourself.