Our Kurtis and Ethnic Tops are incomplete without matching earrings.  Earrings not only change the entire look of the face but also complement our dresses.

Gota Jewellery is much in demand these days as it looks elegant and is really light to carry. In this Article, we will show you How To Create Gota Earrings For Your Kurtis at home in some simple steps.

Pic 1

Materials Required:

Gota, Cardboard, Yellow Thread and Needle, Golden Pearls, Earring Hooks, Wool (any colour of your choice), Scale, Pencil, Compass and Scissors.

Steps to create Gota Earrings:

Step 1: Draw a circle of radius 1.5cms using the pencil and compass on the cardboard.

Step 2: Inside the circle draw a smaller circle of radius 1cm.

Step 3: Mark eight points on the outer and the inner circle in a manner that the outer point and the inner point fall in one line. Join three points by drawing lines between them to make an eight legged star. Cut the star with scissors. Number each leg in the following series – 14725836, which means the first leg would be numbered as no.1 but the following leg would be numbered as no. 4 as per the series. (Pic 2)

Pic 2

Step 4: Make a small, circular hole in the centre of your star and pass one end of the gota through it. Fold the end twice and hold it on the other side of the star.

Step 5: Take the gota and wrap once around the leg numbered as no. 1. Then take the gota to the leg numbered as no. 2 and wrap around it. Likewise, wrap the gota around each leg in the numerical order (1,2,3,4…..8). (Pic 3)

Pic 3

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 three more time.

Step 7: Now stitch the folded end of the gota with a thread and a needle.

Step 8: Carefully take out the cardboard and see the beautiful floral creation that you have created just now. Separate the three petals from each other as shown in Pic 4.

Pic 4

Make two such flowers.

Step 9: Make two Pom-Poms.

To make them wrap the wool over the fork, take some 50 rounds.
Then take a small piece of the wool and pass it through the centre of the fork and tie a double knot round the wrap. Again passing the remaining wool through the cenre of the fork tie a double knot on the others side of the wrap. Cut the wool as shown in Pic 5.

Pic 5

Then attach the pom-poms in the centre of the flower with the help of thread and needle.

Step 9: Hold the middle petal of one of the arms of the gota flower and attach three pearls to it with thread and needle. Then attach the earring hook, nicely wrapping the thread around it four-five times to keep it in place and then tie a double knot.

Pic 6

Make the other earring also like this.

Your gota earrings are ready to be teamed with your Kurtis and ethnic tops!

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