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Creating Ethnic Handmade Jewellery At Home For Indo-Western Dresses

Jewellery always complements our dresses. Any dress, whether traditional or western looks incomplete without it’s matching jewellery. Teaming a small neck piece or matching earrings with the outfit can alter the whole appearance.

Pic 1

In this article, we will learn HOW TO MAKE ETHNIC JEWELLERY in easy steps at home with minimum material.

Materials Required:

Cardboard sheet, Fabric glue or Fevicol, Acrylic  colors, Paintbrush, Colorful beads or pearls (small and medium size), Scissors, Colorful String and Earring Hooks.

For Necklace:

  • Take a piece of cardboard and cut it in squares (See Pic 2).

Pic 2

  • Apply fabric glue or fevicol to one of the bigger squares and cover it with a Ruby or Cotton cloth.
  • Cut the corners of the cloth to ensure better pasting.
  • Paint or draw an image on the dried cloth and beautify it using colors of your choice (See Pic 3).

Pic 3

  • Add details to the image. Make bolder outlines. Stones or pearls can also be used to decorate the necklace.
  • Using a thread and a needle attach colorful, medium sized and small sized pearls to a smaller piece of cloth.
  • Paste this cloth at the back of the painted sheet. (See Pic 4)

Pic 4


  • Attach a string on the upper side at the back of the painted sheet. These strings are readily available in the market.
  • Paste a same sized cardboard sheet to cover the back of the painted sheet.
  • Finally cover the backside with another piece of cloth to give a uniform look.

For Earrings:

  • To make matching earrings for the necklace use the smaller squares (Pic1) and follow the above stated procedure.
  • Instead of a string attach earring hooks to the earrings.

Points to Remember:

  • Use acrylic colors with sparklers to add beauty to the creation.
  • The color combination should not be mismatched and out of place. The colors should complement each-other.
  • Use matching beads to complement the color.
  • Make sure the colors and the gum dries properly.

Jewellery of any shape or size can be created following this simple process. This jewellery can be easily worn with your Indo-Western dresses.

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