So, Lets get started

Things required

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  1. Place a wax thread in a shell.
  2. Now, melt some wax in a pan and pour.
  3. Add the poured melt wax in the shell.
  4. You can arrange these shell candles with some stones.
  5. You can also use pearls while arranging the sea-shell candles.
  6. Use Silicon wax tray for making candles.
  7. Basically, just pour the melted wax in the tray, and put wax thread into it.
  8. For the decoration, Place the wine glasses, then put some pearls or pearls neckpieces into the wine glass, then flip it and place the wax ( that you made from silicon tray.
  9. It is good to go, blow up the candles.
  10. Now, add a wax colour to the routine wax in order to add colour to your candle.
  11. Again pour that into the silicon tray, in whichever shape you want.
  12. Once, its done, take glass jar filled with some water, put sea-shells and stone-pearls to them then place the wax candle that you made.
  13. Good to go, lighten up the candles.
  14. For making layered candles, take a glass, add wax thread and pour the 1st colour.
  15. Let it dry.
  16. Once it is dried, add another colour to it.
  17. Then, another colour. Follow the process.
  18. Let it dry and its done. Blow the candles.
  19. Now, take some empty glass jars for making candles.
  20. Use metal caps for making floating candles.
  21. Take golden sheets or any colour sheet to add to add baton to the glass jar candles.
  22. Cover the jar with the batons all around-outside.
  23. You can use any design for the same.
  24. Place the metal caps to the jar, and it is done. Blow the candles.
  25. You can even place the metal caps in any big glass container to make it appear as floating.
  26. Take tea cups, and similar cup tray ( it should be glass tea cups ).
  27. Pour some wax and put a thread.
  28. Ready to blow.

So, with the decorated items that are easily available at home, you can make some beautiful DIY candles all at home. And the best thing, that this décor candles will go with every occasion.