Are you clueless about what to do with the glass bottles that accumulate in the house. Then we have a solution to it.

We keep buying milk shakes and fruit juices. Many of them come in beautifully designed glass bottles. We don’t wish to throw them and we don’t know the way to use them either. They are mainly used as water bottles or containers or kept in a corner of the house.

In this article we will learn How to Create Decorative Glass Bottles at home with the left over glass bottles. See Pic 1.

Pic 1

Materials Required:
Glass Bottles
Glass Liner (Black Colour)
Glass Colours (Pink, Blue, Green, Orange or any other colour of your choice)

Follow this Simple TWO STEP process to decorate your bottles:

Paint to hide if anything is written on the bottle with the glass liner.
Make different geometric structures on the bottles. You may make ovals, circles, triangles, squares or rectangles and decorate their outlines as the way you want. See Pic 2 and 3.

Pic 2
Pic 3

Here I have made small circles on the outlines of the shapes.
If you like cartoon characters then you may draw any cartoon character with the glass liner.

Fill the geometric shapes or any other creation that you have drawn with glass colours. See Pic 4.

Pic 4

Use the colours in a way that they contrast with and complement each-other.
Let the colours dry.

Decorate your centre tables or dining table with these decorative glass bottles.
You may keep a candle inside the bottle and use it as an ornamental lamp and hang it in your balcony with the help of a rope.

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