Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year To All Of You!!!

Today we will learn new ways to Create Decorative Candles for our homes, to decorate on Christmas and our New Year Parties.

Candles are everybody’s favourite and everyone uses them to decorate the house not only on any occasion but also on regular days. So, let’s learn whole new ways to create Decorative Candles at home.

Materials Required

Shells, Empty Glass Jars, Small Glasses, Moulds, Candle Threads, Wax, Crayons

Step One

Melt some wax in a pan. 

Step Two

Place candle threads and Pour the melted wax in different shells. Let it cool.

Place the shells on a glass plate filled with artificial decorative stones.

Pic 1

 Step Two

Take two glass jars, place candle threads and pour the melted wax. Let it cool.

Cut long strips, circles or triangles from a colourful paper. Paste them on the glass jars.

Pic 2

The caps of the jars can also be used to make candles. These candles can be made to float over water in a container.

Pic 3

Step Four 

Place a crayon in the pan while melting the wax. This would add colour to the wax.

Place a candle thread in the middle of the mould and Pour the coloured wax in the moulds to make colourful candles.

Take three wine glasses and put different coloured pearl strings in them. These candles can be put over the inverted wine glasses, as shown in Pic.

Pic 4

Step Five 

Melt wax and add crayons of the colour of your choice.

Place candle threads in the two glasses and keep pouring the colourful wax.

You can keep one glass slightly tilted to make patterns with the colourful wax.

Pic 5

Step Six

Take a decorative glass cup. Place a candle thread in the middle and pour melted wax in it. 

These decorative candles can be made to float in a tumbler full of water or kept in corners to illuminate them. 

Hope you enjoyed reading!!

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Stay blessed, laugh loudly, pray heartily and Live Creative!

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