Things required

Steps to be followed;
  1. Take black felt of 12×2 inches in size. 
  2. Spread shells all over the felt in a zig-zag format (make sure to leave a bit of space in both the corners)
  3. Place the big shell and then the small one in a sequence format.
  4. With the help of fabric glue or glue-gun, stick the shells in the felt.
  5. If you have shells with a hole, you can even stitch them.
  6. Take a scissor and cut the extra felt.
  7. Then, once the glue dries up, stitch the silver beats around the shells.
  8. Once the beats are stitched all around the shells, take another piece of felt with less width, placing in the backside and, sew the corners using thread and needle.
  9. Then, insert a plain black hairband taking the corners.

And that’s a wrap! Your seashell hairband is ready.

So, how interesting it is to make this princess-looking hairband all by yourself, right! That too with such limited materials and time. And, the best thing, it is cost-effective as well. The hairband that you can use for any special occasion or party. This hairband will go with any and every outfit. 

So, enjoy making it and then wearing it!

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