Want to make this Friendship day special for your friends!! Let me show you how.
All the relations come with us either by birth or are written in our destiny but the relation of friendship is chosen by us. It won’t be exaggeration to call friends “An Extended Family”.

Friendship Day is eagerly awaited by every friend to show how important they are to each-other. Tying friendship bands is common and the market is flooded with a variety of ready-made, all sorts of fancy friendship bands. But the vibration of love that is transported to the threads when you make friendship bands for your friends with your own hands cannot be found in the ready-made bands.

Follow this easy method to make a beautiful friendship band all on your own. (Pic 1)

Pic 1

Cardboard, Compass, Scale, Pencil, Scissors, Anchor Threads (Three colours)

• Draw a line of 5cms measure on a cardboard sheet.

• Using a compass, draw a circle keeping the line as radius.

• Finely cut out the circle, with scissors

• Mark eight lines 1.5cms long, using a scale and a pencil on the circle. All the lines should be placed at equal distance as shown in Pic 2.

Pic 2

• Make cuts at these lines with scissors.

• Pierce the centre of the circle to make a hole.

• Take colourful Anchor Threads and cut a total of 14 strings. That means four strings from two colours and six strings from the third colour. The strings should be 60cms long.

• Take the strings and tie a knot on one end.

• Insert this knot through the hole in the circular cardboard sheet.

• Take two strings of the same colour and place in one of the cuts.

• Again take the remaining two strings of the previous colour and place in the second cut.

• Similarly keep placing two- two strings in the third, fourth, sixth and the seventh cut. The eighth cut has to be left empty. (Pic 3)

Pic 3

• Moving in the clockwise direction, take the third pair of strings and place in the empty cut.

• Again moving in the clockwise direction, take the third pair and place in the empty space.

• Keep repeating the process. You will notice that your friendship band will be formed on the other side of the circle. (Pic 4)

Pic 4

• Repeat the process till the band has taken a considerable length.

• Now tie the remaining loose strings in a knot and take your own created friendship band out of the hole. You may also cut the extra loose strings after tying the knot.

Celebrate this Friendship Day with your handmade friendship bands and make your friends feel your love!!!

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