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The sterling silver earrings are quite in these days. They are not only light-weight but they also go along well with western as well as Indo-western dresses.
They can be worn not only on regular days but also on festivals and in parties.

Today in this article we will learn How to Create Tassel Earrings at home using silk thread and velvet cloth.
So let’s get started.

Materials Required
Silk thread
Velvet cloth
Stones, pearls, scissors, fabric glue Cardboard
Earring hooks                                   Thread and needle

Step 1
Cut a small strip from the velvet cloth and using fabric glue paste stones and pearls on the other side of the velvet, as per your choice or in any pattern you want. See Pic 2.

Pic 2

Let it dry.

Step 2
Wrap the silk thread over hundred times on a small piece of the cardboard.
Tie a double knot using one more smaller silk thread at one side of this wrap.
Cut the other side and tie a golden zari thread on the upper part of the tassel as shown in Pic 3 and Pic 4.

Pic 3
Pic 4

Step 3
Cut the pattern that you had created on the velvet strip using scissors.
Attach the pattern to the Silk tassel you had made, using thread and needle as shown in Pic 5.

Pic 5

Also attach the earring hooks to the upper part of the pattern.
Make the second earring following the same pattern.

To make different earrings of different colours you can use different coloured silk threads.
Make a point that the colour of the thread and the colour of the velvet cloth should be same.
You can make the Tassel heavier by wrapping the thread more than hundred times.

You can make a flower or a square or rectangular pattern on the velvet using stones, pearls, buttons or Kundan.

See in Pic 6, how I have made different tassel earrings with different coloured silk thread.

Pic 6

Tassel earrings are very easy to carry and attractive to look. Wear these earrings and stun your family and friends!

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