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Winters don’t leave much room to show our beautiful attire and expensive dresses as we have to cover ourselves against the chilling winds. 

But winters also give us a chance to flaunt our funky winter jackets and cardigans.

Today we will teach you a super easy way to transform your regular plain stole into an entirely new, stylish stole. It would help you keep warm and look stylish at the same time. So let’s get started..

Materials Required  

Colourful Yarn


Plain Shawl

To Make PomPoms 

Step One

Take a rectangular piece of cardboard and make two cuts on it, one on the horizontal margin and the other on the vertical margin.

Step Two 

Wrap the yarn of any colour of your choice, around some 😯 – 200 times on the cardboard. 

 Now, tie a small thread from the yarn in the centre of the wrapped yarn.

Pic 2

Cut the sides to make a pom-pom. Make several pom-poms of different colours following the same procedure.

To Decorate the Shawl

Step One

Take any yarn of the colour of your choice and start making a pattern on the edges of the stole, using a needle. You may take a shawl or stole of any colour of your choice, we have used a black coloured stole here.

Pic 3

You may make any pattern like that of a wave, a straight line or a triangular line as I am making. See Pic 3.

Make five-six lines with different colours at equal distance from each-other.

Step Two 

Attach the pom-poms on the edges of the stole at equal distance as shown in Pic 4.

Pic 4

Make sure you don’t attach same coloured pom-poms next to each-other.

Your entirely new, stylish stole is ready to be flaunted this winters. Wear it over denims, a salwar kameez set or put it on  your shoulders when wearing a saree and Live Creative!!

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