In a previous article we taught you How To Create a Tote out of your old jeans, today we will teach you How to Create a Stylish Shaded Denim Handbag, that too using your old denim.

Materials Required

Old Denim Jeans in two different shades
Thread and Needle

Follow these Steps to create your Denim Handbag –

Step One

Mark and cut 13 squares measuring 10x10cms from the first jeans.
Similarly cut 14 such squares from the second jeans.

Step Two

Arrange nine squares as shown in Pic 2.

Pic 2


Now sew all of them one by one to each other, using thread and needle . You may use a sewing machine as well. Make sure while stitching you leave a margin of half an inch.
Similarly make the other side of the bag following the same process.

Step Three

Join the remaining nine squares side by side to one another in order to make a horizontal line, see Pic 3

Now attach the two sides of the bag and the denim line to each other.

Step Four

Take the printed cloth and spread it.
Now place our denim pattern that we have created as shown in Pic 3

Pic 3

and start cutting the printed fabric, leaving extra margins.

Step Five

Sew the cloth and the denim pattern together from the inner side, using thread and needle.
Then reverse the bag.

Step Six

Fold the extra margins of the cloth and sew it inwards making a passage.
Pass a ribbon through this passage and tie a double knot.

Step Seven

Cut two long and wide strips from the remaining part of the jeans. Fold the strip and sew the edges to prevent from unfolding.
Similarly sew the other strip too.

Attach these strips to the sides of the bag to make the handles of the bag.

Step Eight

Using forceps remove the horizontal threads from the edges of the denim squares on the bag. See Pic 4.

Pic 4

Your stylish denim handbag is ready to use. Carry it to your kitty and impress your friends with your intelligence and creativity!!

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