Bags are almost every girls weakness. We always want to team our bags with some stylish, up-market handbag or clutch.
In this article we will learn How to Create a Stylish Party Bag at home with faux leather.

Pic 1

Can you say it’s home made!So follow this simple method to make a similar bag for yourself.

Materials Required:
Pink, Green, White, Yellow Thread and a Needle
Faux leather
Colourful pipes and sequins
Paper leaf and Paper flower cut outs

Pic 2

1. Cut a big leaf on a sheet of paper.

2. Using the paper leaf cut six similar leaves from the faux leather.

3. Using a paper flower cut out make flowers on the broader side of all the  faux leather leaves as shown in Pic 3.

Pic 3

4. First stitch pink coloured pipes on the outlines of the flower using matching thread and needle.

5. Once the outlines are done fill the flower with sequins.

6. On the outer, extra petals of the flower fill the outlines with green pipes and fill the inner part of the petal with green sequins. So it would look as shown in Pic 4.

7. Likewise, decorate one more flower with pink pipes and pink sequins.

8. Take two more petals and decorate the main flower with white pipes and pink sequins and the outer petals with green pipes and green sequins.

9. Similarly, on the remaining two petals decorate the main flower with golden pipes and golden sequins whereas  the outer petals with green pipes and green sequins.

10.When all the petals are decorated start stitching them together. Stitch in a way that the broader part makes the bottom and the narrower part of the leaves make the mouth of the bag also shown in Pic 5.

Pic 5

11. When all the petals are stitched together punch holes, using punching machine near the edges of the mouth of the bag as shown in Pic 6.

Pic 6

12. Pass a colourful string or lace through the holes. This string would be used to lock and unlock the mouth of the bag.

13. Then cut a strip of 5x35cms from the faux leather. Fold it and stitch both the sides to each other as shown in Pic 7.

Pic 7

Cut both the edges of the faux leather belt in a way that they become circular in shape.

14. Now attach this faux leather belt to both the sides of  your faux leather party bag.
Your home made faux leather party bag is ready!!

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