Small Jute baskets are everyone’s favourite. They not only look beautiful but also are a good hack to store small, little articles like toffees or candies for children.

Pic 1

These small baskets can also be used as gift items for our friends and relatives.

In this Article, we will teach you how to CREATE A JUTE BASKET AT HOME.
This basket requires simple materials available at home and can be made easily by anyone after reading this article.

Materials Required:
Jute String

Cotton Cloth

Fabric glue

Follow the given 6 STEPS to complete your basket:

Step 1:
Using a paper flower draw a similar outline on the cardboard sheet using a pen or pencil.
The flower has to have 12 arms. (See pic 2)

Pic 2

Cut the cardboard along the outline. Fold the arms of the flower a bit inwards to give it a look of a case.

Step 2:
Wrap one end of the jute string by passing it through the arms alternatively. (See Pic 3)

Pic 3

The string must move once from inside the flower and once from outside it. Paste the end to the string after a circle is completed to ensure better fixing.
Keep wrapping until it reaches the top covering the cardboard flower entirely, just leaving the brink of the basket.

Step 3:
Paste the end of the jute string with Fevicol to the cardboard.

Step 4:
Take three separate jute strings, and tie them together with a knot on one end. Then clip them on a board and braid them together.
Tie a knot in the end of the braid to prevent unlocking.

Step 5:
Apply Fevicol on the brink of the jute basket and paste the braided jute strings. Paste it properly and cut the extra part of the braid. (See Pic 4)

Pic 4

Step 6:

Take a cotton cloth and cut a circle out of it as per the size of the jute basket.

Using fabric glue paste this circle on the outer bottom of the basket to cover the visible cardboard.

Now cut a circle double the radius of the earlier circle paste it around a smaller cardboard circle. Then paste it in the inner bottom of the jute basket.

Step 7:

Make one more jute braid and paste it at two opposite points on the inner sides of the basket and let them stay with the help of a paper or cloth clip. (See Pic 5)

Pic 5

Let it dry for sometime.
Your jute basket is ready to use.

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