A few days back we have shared with you a tutorial to Create A GOTA CHOKAR SET at home. This time we have come with a brand new tutorial TO CREATE GOTA NECKLACE and GOTA JHUMKAS SET.

Pic 1

It is an extremely beautiful set but very easy to make. Let’s not waste time and get started!

Materials Required:
• Scale, Compass, Pencil, Scissors
• Yellow Thread and Needle
• Gota Lace and Gota Flower
• Pink Kundan (4 Pearls) and Pink Pearls
• White Pearls (Three Different Sizes)
• Ear Tops and Chain Lock
• Yellow Organdy Cloth
• Pink Wool and a Fork

To Make Pom-Poms:

Wrap the wool over the fork, take some 50 rounds.
Then take a small piece of the wool and pass it through the centre of the fork and tie a double knot round the wrap. Again passing the remaining wool through the cenre of the fork tie a double knot on the others side of the wrap.

Pic 2

Then cut the ends of the wrap and give a round shape. Your Pom-Pom is ready. Make 6 Pom-Poms.

To Make Gota Jhumkas:
Mark a radius of 3cms with a scale and make a circle around it with a compass and pencil on the organdy cloth.
Make a cut on the circle till the centre. Now fold the circle in a way to give it the shape of a cone.
Stitch the cut on the circle with thread and needle. This would keep the cone in shape. (See Pic 3)

Pic 3

Now start sewing gota lace on the edges of the cone and then finally sewing it all over the cone. Stitch the last edge of the gota nicely on the cone to prevent it from unfolding.
Repeat the process to make one more such cone.
Cut a circle of radius 2cms on the organdy cloth and stitch gota on its edges. Just the edges are to be covered by the gota, the centre is to be left empty.
In the centre of this circle attach the pink kundan with thread and needle. Take the smallest pearls out of the three types of pearls chosen and sew them around the kundan. (See Pic 4)

Pic 4

Cut three circles of radius 2cms on the organdy cloth.
Paste them one over the other with fabric glue. On the topmost layer of the organdy cloth paste a gota flower using fabric glue.
Take an ear top and push it through the layers of the organdy cloth, in a way that the pointed needle comes out through the gota flower.
Apply fabric glue over the top to ensure better fixing.
Paste the gota flower over the kundan flower with fabric glue.
Now attach the gota cone to one of the pointed edges of the gota on the kundan flower. (See Pic 5)

Pic 5

Take a pom-pom and attach a pearl on one side and two pearls on the other side, by passing a needle and thread through it.
Then pass the needle through the bottom of the earring that we created. The pom-pom would get attached to the earring. Sew the ends a few times to make it fixed. (Pic 6)

Pic 6

Your Gota Jhumka is ready! Repeat the process to make the second earring.

For Gota Necklace:

Repeat the complete process as we followed to make the Gota Jhumkas.
Take three pom-poms and attach 15-20 pearls to them. Then, one by one sew all the three pom-pom – pearl threads in the bottom of the necklace as shown in Pic 7

Pic 7

To make the pearl neck string of the necklace, pass the needle and the thread through the chain lock and tie two to three knots in end of the thread to ensure that the lock does not get detached from the thread.
Then make a pearl string on both the sides of the lock and attach the ends at the back of your Gota Necklace. You may also add one or two bigger pearls in the middle of your string.

For Gota Maang Teeka:
Make a Kundan Gota flower and attach pink and white pearls on its edges.
Also attach a pearl string with an earring hook at the end, at the back.
Your Gota Necklace, Earring and Maang Teeka set is ready to be worn with your lehnga or saree. (Pic 8)

Pic 8Wear the set, look beautiful and Live Creative!!

Watch the complete Video here:


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