With the Navratri festival just round the corner, the preparation for garba and dandiya nights is on full swing. Every lady wants to look really different in the garba night to be the centre of attraction.
So, today’s article is specially written to teach you How To Create An Ethnic Gota HandBag at home, that can be easily matched and carried with your garba dress.

The gota handbag is so handy, along side looking beautiful. You can easily carry your phone, compact kit and liner in the bag.

Materials required
Yellow velvet cloth
Yellow Arkandy cloth
Yellow thread and needle
yellow and purple coloured Wool Scissors, scale and compass                Old Bangles
Triangular gota lace and plain gota lace

Step One
Measure a length of 8cms using scale and compass.

Fold the yellow velvet cloth and draw a circle of 8cms radius using compass. Similarly draw two circles of 8cms radius on the arkandy cloth.

Cut a strip 5cms long and 5cms wide from the velvet cloth.

Step Two

Fold one side of the strip twice and stitch it or interlock it using thread and needle (as shown in Pic 2).

Pic 2

Step Three

Sew one side of this velvet strip to one circle and the other side to the other circle (as shown in Pic 3).

Pic 3

Now fold the other end of the strip twice and interlock it using thread and needle.

Then reverse the bag, so that the velvet  part goes inside.

Step Four

Take the triangular gota lace and attach it to the arkandy circle, starting from the edge and stitching it in a spiral till the centre of the circle.

Similarly cover the other circle with the triangular gota lace in the same way.

Step Five

Make pom-poms from the yellow and the purple wool.

To make the Pom-Poms wrap the wool over a fork some 50 times. Then tie a double knot in the middle of the wrap with another piece of woollen thread.

Make 5 purple Pom-Poms  and 6 yellow Pom- Poms.

Attach these Pom-Poms to the gota covered arkandy circles by stitching them on the edges of the circle (as shown in Pic).

Step Six
Paste plain gota lace on a smaller velvet strip using fabric glue.
Fold the strip and cut it into two equal halves.

Step Seven 
Paste four bangles one over the other using Fevicol.
Make two such bangle sets.

Step Eight
Cover the bangles with gota lace by wrapping and pasting the gota over the bangles using fabric glue.

Pic 4

Step Nine
Attach the bangle sets to both the sides of the velvet bag using the velvet-gota strip that we made in step six (as shown in Pic 5).

Pic 5

Step Ten
Paste the Arkandy circles on both the sides of the velvet bag using fabric glue.

Your stylish gota handbag is ready. Carry it to the upcoming garba festivals and catch a lot of attraction and receive compliments.

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