Head gears are every girl’s favorite. No matter you have longer tresses of short, a trendy head gear changes the entire appearance of your mane alongside complementing your face and attire.
In this tutorial we have brought to you a very simple way to make a funky head band. This head band can be worn by your little daughter or younger sister when she goes for a party or any fancy dress competition.

Materials required:
Plastic hairband, Gota, two metallic wires of same length, Golden glitter foam sheet, Cardboard star cut outs, Fabric glue, White tape, Pencil and Scissors.

Take any plain plastic hairband. Cover the entire hairband with gota by draping the gota around it. Paste the ends of the gota using fabric glue. Keep pasting the gota on the hairband while draping to ensure better covering. (Pic 2)

Pic 2

Take one of the metallic wires and attach it onto the sides of the hairband with the help of a broad white tape. Attach the second wire at a point slightly above the first wire in a way that there remains little space between the two wires. Cover the white tape used to attach the wires with gota and fabric glue. (Pic 3)

Pic 3

Take the cardboard sheet and draw a small and a medium sized star on it. Use these cardboard stars to cut out big and small stars from the golden glitter foam sheet. These foam sheets are readily available on any stationery shop or an art and craft store. (Pic 4)

Pic 4

Take the foam sheet that comes with an adhesive on one side, so it is easy for us to paste it on the wires. Take one golden glitter sheet star, remove the paper from its back and paste it on the first wire. Take another star, remove the back cover and paste it just on the back of the first star. (Pic 5)

Pic 5

Similarly paste all the stars on both the wires. Make sure that the stars are pasted with the ends touching the ends of the next star so that the wire is completely covered.
Lo! Your Funky Headband is ready to wear.
Watch the complete video here:




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