Slings are a hot favourite these days. They are high in demand to be carried to parties as they not only have a unique style quotient but also are handy to carry some essentials for every women.

In in this Article we will teach you How To Create A Denim Sling at home in just 7 super easy steps, that too with your old jeans.

Pic 1

So let’s get started!!

Materials Required:

Old Denim Pants

Yellow Wool


Thread and Needle

Beads (Blue and Pink Coloured)



Thread and Needle

Strap Lock

Fabric Glue

Follow the following super easy Steps to create your ultra-stylish Denim Sling

Step 1

Mark and cut the jeans as shown in Pic 2.

Pic 2

The jeans is to be cut from both the sides.

Then stitch both the parts from the inner side, using the thread and needle as shown in Pic 3.

Pic 3

Reverse the pouch.

Step 2

Cut two small hearts from the remaining denim.

Take the gota and fold it and then cut it in a way to make a heart as shown in Pic 4.

Pic 4

Cut two gota hearts.

Paste the gota hearts over the denim hearts using fabric glue.

Step 3

Take some cotton and place it between the two hearts. Then stitch the two hearts together. (See Pic 5)

Pic 5

Make some more hearts following the same process  as shown.

Pic 6

Step 4

Make seven tassels from the wool.

To make the tassels firstly, cut a small woolen thread and place it inside a folded cardboard sheet.

Secondly, wrap the wool over the sheet some 25 times.

Thirdly, tie double knots with the smaller thread on one side of the wrap. Cut the wrap from the other side.

Lastly, tie a small thread on the upper part of the tassel.

Step 5

Take the denim heart, pass the needle through its pointed end.

Sew two pink pearls with a blue pearl in the centre and one of the tassels. Sew everything together nicely. Make seven such arrangements.

Pass the needle through the bottom of the pouch and attach five arrangements to the bottom of the bag (See Pic 7).

Pic 7

Also attach two arrangements to both the pockets on the sides of the bag.

Step 6

Take a longer thread in the needle, sew the heart first followed by the pink and the blue pearls.

Pic 8

Then again attach a heart in the middle followed by pearls. Complete the entire string like this and attach it to the bag.

Step 7

Cut the strap lock in four pieces and stitch them at four places on the mouth of the bag.

Pic 9

Lo! Your Ultra-Stylish Denim Sling is ready. Carry it with your Western or Indo-Western dresses and keep Living Creatively!!

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