Diwali is approaching and so the preparations are in a full swing to clean and decorate our homes. Diyas are the most common, simple and the most beautiful decorative items one can use. Today we will learn How To Create Decorative Diyas At Home for this Diwali.

Materials Required 

Colourful sheets







Colourful tapes

Old Bangles

Four glasses

Here are some amazing ways to create decorative diyas for Diwali –

1. Cover the candles with colourful tapes.

2. Take a colourful sheet of paper and make a flower or any other pattern on it. Then using a compass make holes in the entire pattern as shown in Pic 2. Fold the sheet around and staple it with a stapler.

Pic 2


Pic 3


3. Take a regular sheet of paper and fold it from the middle and then fold both the sides too, to give it a shape of a rectangular box. Draw and cut out patterns on it. Paste colourful, translucent sheets at the back of the pattern. Then staple the box. See Pic 4.


Pic 4


4. Take old bangles and paste them one above the other using fevicol. Place a diya inside it. See Pic 5.

Pic 5


5. Take two glasses and apply fevicol on the lower side of the glasses. Then sprinkle sparklers on the fevicol.


6, Take two glasses and paste a lace over them using fevicol. See Pic 6.

Pic 6


You may follow any of the ways or all of them and make your Diwali diyas look different and attractive.

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