We in this article present to you Five very simple ways to create Diwali paper decorative pieces for your home. We would require just a few colourful paper sheets to do so. Not only on Diwali you may also use these decorative tricks to decorate your house for a party or a family get together. These paper decorative pieces can also be used to decorate the house on regular days as well.

Pic 1

Materials Required
Colourful Sheets

Steps To Make Paper Diyas

Step One
Make nine circles on a coloured sheet, using an old bangle. We have used a yellow sheet here, you may sheet of any colourful of your choice.
Cut the circles out using scissors.
Fold all the circles first into semicircles and then again fold the semicircles into quarters.
Paste the quarters together using Fevicol. See Pic 2.


Pic 2


Pic 3

Make flames on another colourful sheet and cut them. Paste the flames on the paper diyas that we made and as shown in the Pic 3.

Step Two
Make four circles on brown coloured sheet. Fold them in quarters and paste two quarters together.
Similarly make four flames. Fold them into half and paste two flames together.

Pic 4

Then on a woollen string, first paste one part of the diya and then the other part of the diyas.
Likewise, paste the flames too.

Make the remaining strings as shown in Pic 5.

Hang these strings on entrances or walls or on beams on the ceiling.

Pic 5


Step Three

Cut out circles from a coloured sheet and make folds. Then paste a paper flame on the top. See Pic 6.

Steps To Make Paper Lamp

Step One
Fold a colourful sheet into half and then cut it using scissors, as shown in Pic 7.


Pic 7

Then fold the sheet and staple the ends.
Paste Swarovski crystals on the upper and lower edges of the lamp.

Step Two
Place candles or diyas at night in the lamp. See Pic 8.


Pic 8


Use any of the above paper decorative to decorate your house and Live Creative!!

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