Gifts are integral part of parties, weddings and festivities and are profusely given as a symbol of love and affection. But the issue arises while selecting a unique and personalized gifts and ideas and furthermore a unique packing style for the gift. Well we can’t help you with choosing an appropriate gift but we can surely help you in packing your gifts that has a beautiful personalized photo ornaments which is a good lifetime memory to cherish.

Today in this article we will learn How to Create Attractive Gift Pouch at home which could also act as a sympathy gift baskets. You can easily create this gift pouch and decorate it with minimal material.

Pic 1

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started..

Materials Required 

Colourful Cloth
Plain Gota Lace
Colourful and broader Gota Lace
Fabric Glue
Gota Flowers
Matching Thread and Needle

Step One

Take a colourful cloth and make marks on it using chalk as shown in Pic 2.

Pic 2

Cut the cloth along the marked area.

Step Two

Roll the cloth and stitch it as shown in Pic 3 in order to make a passage.

Pic 3

Similarly, stitch the other side of the cloth as well.

Step Three

Take the gota lace and cut eight pieces of the lace according to the width of the cloth.

Step Four

With the help of fabric glue paste the gota on the cloth at equal distances, as shown in Pic 4.

Pic 4

Step Five

Fold the cloth from the middle and mark its edges for stitching.

Using thread and needle, stitch along the marked lines.

Then reverse the pouch.

Step Six

Take plain gota lace and cut two equal sized strings from it.

Pass these strings through the passage that we created in Step Two.

Pic 5

Step Seven

Take  gota flowers and pass the loose ends of the gota string through the flowers.

Tie a double knot on the ends of the string to prevent the strings from coming out of the flower and Gift pouch.

Similarly you can make another gift pouch with some other attractive coloured cloth and gota lace.

Use this gift pouch to keep your gift items and then hand it over to your relatives and friends. This pouch can be also used to keep jewellery items like earrings and neck pieces to protect them from discolouration.

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